Stunning Caribbean Escorts

Each year, millions of people travel south to the Caribbean to escape the cold northern weather and enjoy the warm sun, great tasting food and beautiful women. The islands of the Caribbean are primarily inhabited by people whose descendants came from Africa. Ebony or Black women have a complexion which ranges from dark to medium and light brown. Arguably, they have the widest skin color variation of any group of women living on Earth.
The majority of Caribbean women have black hair and brown eyes, although some may dye their hair and wear contact lenses to alter their appearance. While some Black women are thin, they are most famous for their curvy, voluptuous or athletic bodies, which many men find to be extremely attractive. This combined with their dark skin makes them exotic especially to men who come from countries or cultures where the majority of women have light or fair skin.
We are an elite agency that caters to upscale gentlemen who are traveling to the Caribbean for business or pleasure. Our ladies are based primarily in the Dominican Republic, and are hand picked not just for their beauty, but for their sophistication and ability to please both in and outside the bedroom.